• FEBRUARY 1 – 3, 2017 Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

            As the preeminent producer of events for the alternative asset management industry, Context Summits focuses on elevating the conference experience through an innovative format where targeted relationship building leads to unmatched results.

            Context Summits facilitates the strategic relationship building needed to drive success and grow assets. A pioneer of the one-on-one ‘summit’ format, Context utilizes an innovative approach to deliver effective, transparent and enhanced networking events for managers, allocators and investors. Through its systematic approach, Context is able to attract high-quality attendees, making meetings efficient and productive.



            Managers last updated January 12, 2017

            Partial List – Certain managers have opted out from being listed publicly. List is updated on an ongoing basis.

            1060 Capital Management19 Capital
            400 Capital Management514 Capital
            A. G. Bisset Associates, LLCAbraham Trading Company
            ADG Capital ManagementAdvenio Capital Management, LLC
            ADW Capital Management LLCAE Capital
            Aecor Capital ManagementAidennLair Capital Management LP
            Akanthos Capital ManagementAlambic Investment Management
            AlantraAlcentra Ltd.
            Alcova Capital Management LPALDER CAPITAL DAC
            Algebris Investments IncAlloy Investments
            Alpha Venture Partners - Pritzker GroupAlphaSimplex Group
            Alta Park CapitalAlternative Investment Resource
            Altiq LLPAltum Capital Management LLC
            ALVA CapitalAmplitude Capital International Ltd
            Analytic Investors, LLCAnavio Capital Partners
            Ancora Advisors LLCAngel Oak Capital Advisors
            Apis CapitalArctic Blue Capital
            Arel CapitalArena Investors, LP
            Argentem Creek PartnersArgentiere Capital
            Armistice Capital LLCARP Investments
            Arrowhill Energy LLCAspect Capital
            Asset Management by Windsor SecuritiesAtreaus Capital, LP
            Audax GroupAventis Asset Management
            Axonic CapitalBallymena Advisors LLC
            Balter Liquid AlternativesBaylight Capital
            Bayview Asset ManagementBBL Commodities LP
            Beach Horizon LLPBeaconLight Capital
            Bergen Asset Management, LLCBeryl Capital Management
            Bhatt Innovation Capital LLCBillings Capital Management
            BlackGold Capital ManagementBloomfield Capital
            Blue Elephant Capital ManagementBlue Jay Capital Management LLC
            Blue Sky Alternative Investments LLCBlueBay Asset Management LLP
            Boardman Bay Capital ManagementBoothbay Fund Management
            Boronia CapitalBreaker Capital Management
            Breton Hill CapitalBrevet Capital
            Brickell Family OfficeBridgeInvest
            Broad Bay Capital Management, LPBronson Point Management LLC
            Buckley Capital Partners LPCadian Capital Management
            Calixto Global Investors LPCampbell & Company
            Candlewood Investment Group, LPCapital Dynamics
            Capital Fund Management (CFM)Capstone Investment Advisors
            Carbon Investment PartnersCardinal Point Capital LLC
            Carmot CapitalCartesian Re Management Co.
            CCL Investment ManagementCCTrack Solutions
            CDAMCedarview Capital
            Cello Capital Management, LPCeres Partners LLC
            Certeza Asset ManagementCF Partners Capital Management
            Citrine Capital ManagementClough Capital Partners, L.P.
            Club Hill Capital LLCCoatue Management
            Cobia Capital Management LPColchis Capital
            Columbus Circle InvestorsCommunity Investment Management, LLC
            Concise CapitalCondire Investors LLC
            Conquest Capital GroupContext Asset Management
            Context BH Capital Management, LPContour Asset Management
            Cornerstone Capital ManagementCounty Cork, LLC
            Crabel Capital ManagementCramer Rosenthal McGlynn
            Crawford Lake CapitalCrescat Capital LLC
            Cross River Management LLCCumulus Fund
            CVC Credit Partners, LLCD'Aguilar Capital Management Ltd
            Deep Field Capital AGDeer Park Road Corporation
            Degraves Capital ManagementDelbrook Capital Advisors
            DePrince, Race and Zollo, IncDFG Investment Advisers
            DGHMDirect Lending Investments, LLC
            Dominice & Co Asset ManagementDormouse Limited
            Duet Asset ManagementDUNN Capital Management
            Dwight Securities Managemente360 power, LLC
            Eagle Point Credit ManagementEagle's View Management, LP
            Early Harvest Management LPecamos Capital AG
            Echelon Asset ManagementEckhardt Trading Company
            Efficient Capital ManagementEJF Capital LLC
            Elanus Capital Management LLCElara India Gateway Fund
            Ellington Management Group, LLCEMC Capital Advisors, LLC
            Emil Van Essen LLCEngine Capital Management LLC
            Engle Capital ManagementEpisteme Capital Partners (US) LLC
            Equinox FundsEschaton Opportunities Fund Management LP
            EVA Capital ManagementEversept
            F&H Fund ManagementFarmland Opportunity LLC
            FCVC Advisors- a FundersClub CompanyField Street Capital Management
            Fiera Capital Inc.FJ Capital Management
            Florin Court Capital FundFocus Capital Management, LLC
            FORT LPFourthstone LLC
            FourWorld Capital Managment LLCFreshford Capital LLC
            Funding CircleGalNet Asset Management, LLC
            Gamma Capital ManagementGamma Real Estate
            Gammon CapitalGardner Lewis Asset Management
            Gates Capital ManagementGeosol Capital LLC
            Ghost Tree Capital, LLCGlazer Capital
            Glendorn Capital ManagementGlobal Sigma Group, LLC
            GMT CapitalGraham Capital Management
            Grand AllianceGrand Slam Asset Management LLC
            Granite Alphen Capital FundGranite Springs Asset Management, LLC
            Greenhouse FundsGreenwave Capital Management
            Greywolf Capital Management, LLCGrizzlyRock Capital
            GS Gamma AdvisorsGuardian Fund Management
            H2O AM LLPHaidar Capital Management LLC
            Hain Capital GroupHCG Fund Management LP
            HealthCor Management, LPHeller House
            High Tide Capital ManagementHigher Moment Capital, LLC
            Highland Capital ManagementHildene Capital Management
            Hillair Capital Management LLCHoplite Capital Management, L.P.
            Hudson Ridge Asset Management LLCHydrus Capital LLC
            Ikarian CapitalIncline Fund Management, LLC
            Informed Portfolio ManagementIntegrated Ag LP
            Ironman Capital Management LLCISAM
            Ivaldi Capital LLPJ E Moody & Company LLC
            Jacobs Asset ManagementJamison Capital Partners
            John Locke InvestmentsKaiser Trading Group
            Kavi Asset Management, LPKawa Capital Management
            Kerrisdale Capital ManagementKeyQuant
            KG Funds Management LLCKingsford Capital
            KLS Diversified Asset ManagementLake Hill Group
            Land and Buildings Investment ManagementLateral Investment Management
            Lawton Park Capital Management, LPLazarus Management Company
            Left Brain Capital ManagementLendingHome Capital Management
            Lepercq de Neuflize Asset ManagementLeucadia Asset Management
            Leucadia Investment Management LimitedLind Capital Partners, LLC
            Linden AdvisorsLindenGrove Capital
            Linnis, LLCLogica Capital Advisers
            Lomas Capital ManagementLombard Odier Asset Management
            LuminusLW Investment Management
            M&G InvestmentsMackay Shields
            Macro Risk SolutionsMadison International Realty
            Magnolia RoadMaltese Capital Management, LLC
            Maritime Capital LLCMark Asset Management
            Market Cipher PartnersMarto Capital
            Massar Capital ManagementMasters Capital Management
            MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities FundMaverick Capital
            Maverick Real Estate Partners LLCMB Blue
            Medina Singh Partners LLCMellon Capital Management
            Merion Investment Management LPMGG Investment Group
            Michaelson Capital Partners, LLCMicroVest
            Mill Hill CapitalMillburn Ridgefield
            Mitra CapitalMKP Capital Management LLC
            Moab Capital Partners LLCMomentum Real Estate Partners, LLC
            Monolit CapitalMontrock48 Capital LP
            MP Securitized Credit PartnersMt. Lucas Management
            Mulvaney Capital Management LtdMW Eaglewood Group
            Napier Park GlobalNaqvi-Van Ness Asset Management
            New Vernon Investment ManagementNewbrook
            Nishkama Capital LLCNoctua Partners
            Nomura Asset ManagementNorthlander Commodity Advisors
            Northlight Financial LLCNut Tree Capital
            Old Hill PartnersOld Orchard Capital Management, LP
            Omni PartnersOppenheimerFunds
            Orbital CapitalOrchard View Capital
            Orion Commodities ManagementP/E Investments
            P2 CapitalPacific View Asset Management
            Pagoda Asset ManagementPalmer Square Capital Management
            Par-Four Investment Management, LLCPearl Capital Advisors
            Pelium Capital ManagementPelorus Jack Capital
            Penso Advisors, LLCPerennial Managment LLC
            Perkins Fund MarketingPhase Capital LP
            Phoenix Investment AdviserPictet
            Ping Capital Management LLCPinyon Pine Capital, LLC
            Pinz CapitalPiper Cove Asset Management LLC
            PointPolar Asset Management Partners
            Polygon Global Partners LPPowell Investment Advisors
            Pravati Capital LLCPrime Meridian Capital Management, LLC
            Princeton Alternative FundingPrivate Advisors, LLC
            ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc.Promeritum Investment Management LLP
            Providence Investment ManagementPTAM (PT Asset Management)
            Pura Vida InvestmentsPXP Vietnam Asset Management Limited
            Pyatt Broadmark ManagementPyrrho Capital Managment
            QIMQMS Capital Management
            Quad Multi StratQuadre Investments, L.P.
            Quantica Capital AGQuantZ Capital Management LLC
            Quest Partners LLCR.G. Niederhoffer Capital
            RA Capital Management, LLCRacon Capital Partners
            Rama Capital Partners, LLCRamius, LLC
            RBI Capital Management, LLCRCMA Asset Management
            RealtySharesRed Oak Partners, LLC
            Reef CapitalRegan Capital, LLC
            Rhicon Currency ManagementRhino Investment Partners
            Richmond Global Compass Fund LPRidgefield Capital Asset Management LP
            Riva Ridge Capital Management LPRiverRock Funds
            RMB/Logan StoneRMB/Mendon
            Rosebrook Capital PartnersRoss Smith Asset Management
            Rotation Capital ManagementRotella Capital Management
            Roubaix Capital, LLCROW Asset Management
            RQSI IncRRA Capital
            Rubicon Fund Management LLPSabre Fund Management
            Sachem Head Capital ManagementSaga Global Capital Managment LLC
            Sagil Capital LLPSalient Partners
            SALIX CAPITALSamuel Capital Management LLC
            Sandell Asset ManagementSandpiper Asset Management
            Sarus Capital Management, LLCSBB Research Group
            Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLCScott's Cove Management
            SCT Capital ManagementSCW Capital Management, LP
            Sears Point Capital ManagementSECOR Asset Management, LP
            Select EquitySemper Capital Management
            Sequoia Capital Fund Management LLPSerenitas Credit Gamma Fund/LMCG Investments
            Serenity Alternative InvestmentsSerone Capital Management
            Sharpe Point PartnersShearLink Capital
            Shinnecock Partners L.P.Short Hills Capital Partners, LLC
            Sidus Investment Management, LLCSILENTSEAS GROUP
            Simcoe Capital Management, LLCSio Capital Management, LLC
            Sixty CapitalSkylar Capital Management, L.P.
            SMN Investment Services GmbHSnow Park Capital Partners
            Solaise Capital Management LLPSolus Alternative Asset Management
            Sorin Capital ManagementSpring Lake Asset Management
            Spruce Point Capital Management LLCSteamboat Capital
            Stonehedge Capital ManagementStrategos Capital Management
            Sunrise Capital Partners LLCSuvretta Capital Management
            Systematic Absolute Return LtdSystematic Alpha Management, LLC
            Tarpon Trading LLCTCA FUND MANAGEMENT GROUP
            TCWTeewinot Capital
            Tenacias CapitalTendance Finance
            The Blackstone GroupThe Cambridge Strategy
            The Children's Investment Fund (TCI)The Midway Group
            The TerraCotta Group, LLCThree Rock Capital Management
            TIG Advisors, LLCTightline Capital
            Tolomeo CapitalToronado Capital Management
            ToscaFundTradeLink Capital LLC
            TriLinc GlobalTriton Investments Advisers LLP
            Trium CapitalTrue Partner Advisor
            Tudor Investment CorporationTulloss Capital Management, LLC
            Twin Capital Management LLCTyphon Capital Management
            Unigestion UK Ltd.Universa Investments L.P.
            V2M CapitalValueWorks LLC
            Vantage Asset ManagementVector Capital
            Verition Fund ManagementVida Capital Inc.
            Virage Capital ManagementVoloridge Investment Management
            Waratah Capital AdvisorsWeiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC
            Welton Investment PartnersWest Side Advisors, LLC
            Westrock Asset ManagementWexford Capital LP
            WHARD StewartWhite Square Capital LLP
            Whitehaven Asset ManagementWillowbridge Associates Inc.
            Wincrest Capital LimitedWoodside Capital Partners
            WyeTree Asset ManagementZAIS Group LLC
            Zero G Capital
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            Investor Participants available to registered attendees through the context Summits Meeting Scheduler

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            Investor and Manager Strategy Profile: MIAMI 2016
            Investor Fund AUM Interest: MIAMI 2016
            Investor And Manager Sectors: MIAMI 2016
            Manager Firm AUM: MIAMI 2016
            Investor Breakdown: MIAMI 2016
            Miami 2015 Investor Strategy Interest & Manager Strategy Comparison
            Miami 2015 Investor Primary Fund Interest by AUM
            Miami 2015 Manager Primary Fund AUM
                Miami 2015 Manager Firm AUM
            Miami 2015 Investor Breakdown
            Miami 2014 Investor Strategy Interest & Manager Strategy Comparison
            Miami 2014 Investor Primary Fund Interest by AUM
            Miami 2014 Manager Primary Fund AUM
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            Miami 2014 Investor Breakdown

            Managers held an average of 21 prescheduled one-on-one 30 minute meetings.


            Wednesday February 1, 2017
            12:00pm - 8:00pmRegistration / Information Desk
            6:00pm - 9:00pmWelcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner
            Thursday February 2, 2017
            7:00am - 7:00pmRegistration / Information Desk
            7:00am - 8:00amWake-up Workout
            8:00am - 10:00amBreakfast
            9:00am - 5:00pmRefreshments
            9:00am - 12:00pmMorning Sessions of One-On-One Meetings
            10:00amMorning Break
            12:00pm - 6:00pmAfternoon Sessions of One-On-One Meetings
            12:00pm - 2:00pmLunch
            3:00pmAfternoon Break
            6:00pm - 9:00pmCocktail Reception & Dinner
            9:00pm - 11:00pmAfter Dinner Entertainment
            Friday February 3, 2017
            7:00am - 6:00pmRegistration / Information Desk
            7:00am - 8:00amWake-up Workout
            8:00am - 10:00amBreakfast
            9:00am - 5:00pmRefreshments
            9:00am - 12:00pmMorning Sessions of One-On-One Meetings
            10:00amMorning Break
            12:00pm - 6:00pmAfternoon Sessions of One-On-One Meetings
            12:00pm - 2:00pmLunch
            3:00pmAfternoon Break
            6:00pm - 9:00pmCloseout Reception
            How Did We Get Here? Consequences of Federal Reserve Policy and the End of Bank Proprietary Trading

            It’s no secret that Federal Reserve policy has severely distorted financial markets. Worse yet, the reading of tea leaves by investors about when and by how much the Fed will raise interest rates, end its asset purchases, and potentially unwind its portfolio has created volatility spurred by seemingly innocuous pieces of information. In addition, while the arsenal is full to combat inflation (if the US is fortunate enough to experience the phenomenon ever again), there is the equivalent of a pop-gun to battle the much greater threat of deflation. In such a scenario, investors are on their own - and few are positioned for it.

            From Sandy Weill and Paul Volcker to Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, powerful forces have plotted and executed on a plan to end bank proprietary trading. Although their motivations differed, following the 2008 financial crisis the cumulative weight of their efforts resulted in a change to the structure of the fixed income capital markets so dramatic as to have set in motion a number of significant – but little understood - unintended consequences. As is often the case with legislative and regulatory influence in the financial markets, some of these consequences have confounded the very objectives of the protagonists for change.

            One notable result for alternative investment managers and investors is the opportunity to exploit market dislocations previously enjoyed almost exclusively by bank proprietary trading groups. While opportunities exist, identifying and managing the risks are not trivial.

            Doug Dachille is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of First Principles Capital Management, LLC. Prior to co-founding First Principles, Doug was the Global Head of Proprietary Trading for JP Morgan.



            Context Summits' flagship event will be held again in Miami in 2017 for a broad spectrum of high-quality managers and allocators. The conference will bring together qualified investors and hedge funds for two days of highly targeted and productive, prescheduled one-on-one meetings. Unparalleled networking events for all conference participants will be scheduled at conveniently located sites on or near the resort grounds.

            The distinctive experience of a Context Summit begins well before the event. World-class venues are chosen that provide sophisticated surroundings, first-class meals and accommodations, impeccable service, convenient meeting spaces, and seamless event execution. The team is known for providing quick, solution-oriented responses to ensure that each attendee’s individual needs are met.

            Participants can arrange one-on-one, back-to-back meetings with vetted, interested parties, keeping their time and efforts highly productive. Inclusive, single-site social events provide additional opportunities for effective networking. Overall, participants gain solid leads, cultivate tangible opportunities, and build meaningful relationships.

            relationships that matter

            Building relationships that matter to drive long-term success. Fund managers and qualified investors will have the opportunity to network and develop long-term, meaningful relationships needed to drive success and grow assets. Context Summits uses a diligent prescreening process to identify quality managers across a broad spectrum of strategies that appeal to a large audience of institutional investors. At the same time, the Context Summit’s team vets each investor individually for suitability.

            elevated experience

            Elevating the conference experience through distinctive, well-organized, and well-executed events. Context Summits seamlessly delivers a superior experience for attendees by paying close attention to the details. Distinctive resorts with world-class amenities, inclusive, single-site social events, and seamless service enhance the conference experience. Before the event, a robust web portal is available for participants to view the profiles of other guests, evaluate prospective meeting partners, schedule appointments, communicate individually, or join discussion groups.

            unmatched results

            Superior format, structure, and service, which leads to unmatched results. Investors can perform substantive due diligence during targeted one-on-one meetings with hedge fund managers. In addition, a robust technology platform provides transparency and maximizes attendees’ use of time before and during the event.

            Past Summits


            Fontainebleau Miami Beach, situated on 20 acres of oceanfront land, is considered one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels in Miami. It was named the most luxurious hotel on Miami Beach in 2008 and features an expansive poolscape, a pristine Atlantic Ocean beach, and the exclusive LIV nightclub. Home to 12 restaurants, bars, and lounges, the Fontainebleau offers global culinary experiences under the direction of some of the world's most notable chefs.


            Context Summits Miami 2017 will offer discounted rooms rates at the Fontainebleau Hotel. The room block is available to registered attendees only. Please note there are a limited number of rooms so be sure to register & book your reservation as soon as possible.


            Exclusive partner - Coastal Car Service. Download miRide or visit the App Store and download miRide. Discounted rate using promo code “CONTEXTSUMMITS”. Feel free to contact miRide directly at support@miride.com or call 888-475-6201.


            Fontainebleau Miami Beach
            4441 Collins Avenue
            Miami Beach, FL 33140

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            Media & News

            Context TV: Fund Focus

            Managers attending a Context Summits event will now have the opportunity to showcase their fund and PM with a studio quality video. The Fund Video, which will reside in the profile section of the Context Summits scheduler, will be a great marketing tool that assists Managers with increasing the volume and quality of meetings. Managers will also receive a copy of the video for use in their own marketing efforts.

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